ou might be here to peruse my blog entry to begin your very own blog or have a thought of making a one for some time. On the off chance that thus, at that point you should think about WordPress stage and advantages of utilizing WordPress for blogging.

WordPress is a stage for creating unshakable online journals. It made for an amazingly adjustable UI. WordPress powers a large number of web journals worldwide and even numerous huge brands on the planet use WordPress including CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine and so on.

Accept now you know why WordPress is so well known. Let me take your further and talk about more advantages of utilizing WordPress for your blog.

Advantage 1: WordPress is an open-source CMS


As an open source Content Management System (AKA CMS) it has the world site CMS share. As indicated by w3techs WordPress is utilized by 28.5% of the considerable number of sites, and overtake the substance the executives’ framework ‘s piece of the pie of 59.4%.

WordPress is well known among the designers and its current clients including me like for its simple to utilize interface. This is the valid justification it has turned as favored blogging CMS, and why its clients continue expanding.

Advantage 2: WordPress is moderate

It will cost you at least $1000 to make a uniquely crafted CMS that does the comparable elements of WordPress. so is there any good reason why you wouldn’t set aside cash with WordPress? WordPress is accessible to download and introduce for nothing from WordPress’s official site.

Along with WordPress modules are additionally accessible for nothing at WordPress commercial center. These modules are for free as well as open-source too. Like WordPress source code you can alter them to accommodate your prerequisites.

Advantage 3: WordPress is adaptable

Since WordPress is a completely open-source, the whole source code is for overall population use. Which implies you can utilize the code dependent on your necessities.

Significantly more, modules and subjects (AKA formats) created for WordPress are too open source. Consider an overall network supports to add more highlights to WordPress consistently.

Along you have numerous engineers to work for your blog needs. So beyond question, WordPress is amazing CMS for your blog with its tendency of adaptability.

Advantage 4: WordPress is SEO well disposed

Internet searcher mammoth Google adores WordPress since it is worked in a manner google bots can creep and record the substance. In the event that you like to get the preferred position SEO and its natural traffic, WordPress is the best approach for your blog.

Along, adding new substances to your blog is basic. It is imperative to include content much of the time for any web journal to pull in a crowd of people from the web search tool. Including significant substance customary premise shows to web crawlers that your blog is live and delivers pertinent to the crowd.

Advantage 5: WordPress has Free, Cheap, Premium subjects

Subjects (AKA layouts) are front-end plans for WordPress writes and associates the CMS to the end client. While numerous great free WordPress topics accessible in the market, I have discovered that from $29 great premium subjects are accessible. The greater part of these subjects is needn’t bother with customizations.

Reason 6: WordPress modules make a boundless arrangement

Modules can be set up in the WordPress support effortlessly to include highlights that are not part of the center subject.

On the off chance that you need a specific capacity that isn’t inherent, there are numerous modules accessible to improve WordPress’ presentation. For the greater part of the on-request includes there are modules accessible for WordPress blog.

Advantage 7: WordPress is contributed by the overall network.

As WordPress is open-source, there are numerous engineers who add to improving it consistently. You can see WordPress is effectively developed with its overall network of engineers and clients.

WordPress gets refreshes on an ordinary premise, with new highlights, bug fixes, and security fixes. As the WordPress people group is enormous WordPress designers are effectively accessible to take a shot at your blog to alter, update, and so forth. Likewise, you don’t have to rely upon anyone engineer. In straightforward terms, you claim your blog.

Advantage 8: WordPress is easy to use

Easy to use is my most loved about WordPress. You shouldn’t be specialized clever to realize how to utilize WordPress. I generally state in the event that you realize how to utilize a PC and web, you can without much of a stretch work on your WordPress blog.

You shouldn’t be a website specialist or engineer to refresh your blog entries. That is a definitive power and accomplishment behind WordPress. Separated, WordPress gives a backend executive interface which is anything but difficult to utilize and all around organized.

Highlights are structured consistently, so it’s anything but difficult to look into what you need. It might be including/altering a page, blog entry, pictures, overseeing clients, and so forth for your blog.

Advantage 9: WordPress isn’t only for blogging.

In the early days, WordPress is for blogging and it is as yet the best answer for use for blogging. It has advanced altogether and has become a total Content Management System to help web journals for any industry with its immense rundown of subjects and modules.

Aside from a blog, WordPress controls all the key highlights for business destinations, worksheets, eCommerce, ordered promotions, booking, and so on with its topics and modules accessible at commercial centers.

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